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Tentacle Sync – Timecode to DSLR


The small, lightweight and unobtrusive Tentacles work with virtually all cameras and recorders on the market and bring timecode technology to any set and a massive time saving to post sync – turn days into hours, hours into minutes


Before shooting starts, you synchronize Tentacles by connecting them via cable, so that every Tentacle runs exactly the same time. The setup of the device works super-convenient either via laptop or smartphone.

The source timecode can be either the Tentacle itself or an external device – like our Sony PMW200, Red Epic Dragon or Zoom F8

Once all the Tentacles and other devices are in sync, simply plug the Tentacle into the microphone input on your DSLR – or OURS


1x Tentacle Device
2x TRS Cable (Tentacle to Tentacle) for syncing or connecting to Cameras with TRS input like 5D, BMPCC, GH4 …
1x Android Setup Cable (OTG USB Adapter)
1x iPhone Setup Cable
1x Micro-USB Cable for charging and setup
1x Tentacle to 90° BNC adapter-cable
1x Tentacle Y-adapter cable – Custom-built Y-adapter-cable to connect Tentacle to cameras with minijack input and use a Sennheiser Evolution Bodypack Receiver.
2x Hook-Tape strip for mounting Tentacle to your device
1x Quickstart Guide
1x Tentacle pouch

Tentacle Setup Software

Tentacle Sync Setup for iOS
Tentacle Sync Setup for Android
Tentacle Sync Setup for Mac OS
Tentacle Sync Setup for Windows

Tentacle Sync Software

Tentacle Sync Studio v1.06 (Mac OS)
Batch timecode synchronisation software for OS X. Sync, check and export your footage within seconds.
Tentacle Timecode Tool (Windows 7)
Handy tool for windows users that reads audio timecode and prepares your footage for editing.

NOTE – You’ll need to use the Tentacle Sync device when syncing your footage using Tentacle Sync Software for OS X (The Tentacle acts as an authorisation dongle). So factor a short amount of time for this – the alternative is to purchase the software for around €150


$40 per day
$30 per day when hiring our Zoom F8