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Sound Recorder – Zoom F8


Loads of functionality in a compact sound bag.


The Zoom F8 features 8 inputs via combo (XLR & TRS) connections and records up to 10 channels simultaneously (ch’s 1-8 plus a stereo mix).

Alternatively, you can perform dual-channel recording of separate files at lower volume levels to ensure you have backup recordings to use when unexpected loud noises distort the primary recording.

Outputs are via two mini-XLR (TA3) connections. TA3 to XLR adapter cables are included in the kit.

Three different power supply options: 8x AA batteries (not included), or 12V AC adapter – optional third power supply is via external batteries (Sony Bp-U style), battery plate and the Hirose connection.

The unit supports SMPTE time code input and output. Included in the outputs is a powerful 100 mW + 100 mW headphone jack, as well as the MAIN OUT 1/2 and SUB OUT 1/2 jacks so you can send the audio signal to a video camera or other device while monitoring with headphones.

One of our optional extras is a TENTACLE SYNC which enables the sending of timecode (from the F8) to your DSLR where it is recorded into one of the audio tracks of your video file – making post sync a LOT easier and faster.

Record on two SD/SDHC/SDXC cards*, up to 512 GB each, simultaneously, allowing you to instantly backup or split recordings (for example, save eight tracks onto one card and a stereo mix onto another).
View list of * confirmed compatible SD cards.
The pre-record function allows you to capture up to 6 seconds of audio before you hit the RECORD button.
Plenty more features – here


F8 Recorder
TA3 to XLR cable (x2)
DSLR camera mount adapter
FCF-8 sound bag – with plenty of room for wireless mic kits, headphones etc.


$160 per day – dry hire
$110 per day – when hiring one of our sound operators
weekly and monthly rates available on request