Sound & Lighting

Dedolight 5 light Portable Studio Kit

Dedo Kit

The SPS5 Portable Studio gives you all the power of Dedolight’s award winning lights in a package compact enough for even a one person camera crew. Comparable lighting kits from other manufacturers can weigh three times as much, are more than three times the size and don’t offer the same potential.


2 DLH1x150S Soft light head, 150W tungsten
2 HTP150S High temperature resistant pouch
2 DT24-1 Power supply, 150 W/24V
1 DSBSXS Mini softbox
1 DLGRIDXS Mini grid
1 DSBSS Silver dome, small
1 DLGRIDS Grid, small
3 DLHM4-300 Light head with built-in transformer
3 DPLS Light shield ring
3 DBD8 Barndoors
3 DFH Filter holder
1 DGW Gel filter, warm tone
1 DGMB Gel filter, mixed blue
1 DGMD Gel filter, diffusion
1 DGCOL Gel filter, color effect
1 DSCK Scrim set
1 DSCP Scrim pouch
1 DP1 Projection Attachment/Imager
1 DPGH Gobo holder
1 DPGSET Gobo set
1 CLAMP1 Clamp
1 DSTFX Flexible stand extension
5 DST Stand
2 DLBOX Plastic box
4 DL150-NB Halogen lamp 150 W/24 V, clear
6 DL150 Halogen lamp 150 W/24 V, black tipped
1 DSC2/2-200 Soft case