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JVC 17″ Monitor


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The JVC 17″ DT-V17G15 Multi-Format HD LCD Monitor is a widescreen 1080p/60/50 broadcast monitor designed with a focus on gamma, color gamut, and grayscale. Four gamma modes — 2.2, 2.35, 2.45, and 2.6 — are preset to accommodate varying contrast needs, and two color gamut modes — Wide and the standard ITU-709 — are selectable between so you can test your footage in high and low color variations. In NTSC mode, Wide covers 110% of the panel’s color space.

Both color resolution and processing are at 10 bit. The monitor features an IPS panel with a 178° viewing angle and with low chromatic variation, which combined with 10-bit processing helps increase the shades of gray for smooth gradation.

A comprehensive set of connections includes two SDI inputs that each support up to 3G but that are also linked to support Dual Link input from sources not capable of 3G output.


JVC 17″ Monitor
Matthews Monitor Mount
hd-SDI cable (50ft)