Camera Kits

Red Epic Dragon Kit 2

Epic Dragon image

$425 per day
$1500 per week

NOTE: Professional hire only

If you’d like to build a custom kit call us – take a look at our KIT LIST

EPIC-M RED DRAGON w PL or EF Mount / Mini-Mag Side module
Red Tactical Cage
Red+1 adapter module
Red v-mount quick release battery plate (attaches to the +1 adapter)

Red-Touch 5.0″ LCD or Red Pro EVF (OLED)
Red EVF/LCD cable – 12 inch
Red EVF/LCD cable – 18 inch
EVF Slider (if EVF is selected)
EVF Spinner (if EVF is selected)
Arm – 5 inch
Laird Digital SDI video/sync box
Wooden Camera Audio Box

Sliding rail (50mm)
Sliding rail (100mm)
Sliding Top Handle
Red front handle (x2)
Red front handle collarbone

Red quick-release platform (Dovetail)
Dovetail plate
Red mounting plate
Red 18″ carbon-fibre rods (x2)
Red Universal mounts, 19mm (x2)

Red v-mount charger
Red Brick 153WH Battery (x6)

Red Mini-Mag 512GB (x2)
Red Mini-Mag reader

Zeiss CP.2 compact primes – set of 5
(18mm,25mm,35mm,50mm, 85mm)
Schneider ND filter kit – 0.6, 0.9, 1.2

Red Epic AC power supply
Red Sidewinder tool
Wooden Camera Epic rain cover