Camera Accessories

Red Monitors


The RED TOUCH 5 INCH LCD DISPLAY provides an immersive 9″ touchscreen surface for viewing and menu navigation. A greater viewing window adds value to assist tools such as magnify and touch focus.

The RED BOMB EVF brings advanced OLED technology into the field, providing truer blacks and more colour accurate images when monitoring your image. Compact form factor, high-resolution, and rich 30-bit RGB colour representation make the RED BOMB EVF (OLED) digital viewfinder the perfect choice for even the most critical eyes.

The RED MONITORS can be rented individually or as a very cost effective combo rate.

Red Touch 5″ OR Red Bomb EVF (OLED)

$100 per day
$300 per week
$900 per month

Red Touch 5″ AND Red Bomb EVF (OLED)

$150 per day
$450 per week
$1350 per month

Prices exclude GST